Monday, April 15, 2013

{week 2} Day 1

Today started with a boy who didn't want his parents to leave. And who cried every little bit. Thank God for things like Timmy Time and Kipper!! About the middle of the morning it got nice enough out that we were able to go out for a walk to Target to get a few things that I needed. That cheered him up quite a bit and by the time we headed home, he was singing his ABC's and the Barney song. After lunch, Lia took a nap with both of the children so I was free of them until supper. The cooks needed help in the kitchen, so I did that most of the afternoon instead. At supper I fixed a sandwich and took it with me to the laundromat to wash my clothes(one of the worst things about city life). And now, here I sit. Dreading the load of wash that needs folding and considering just going to bed. But then it would all be wrinkly.

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