Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 4

Had an interesting day today...Lia had gone downstairs in the morning for morning worship(normally they go to the classroom but today the men & women were separate) and had left her diaper bag unpstairs, so that when she came to get it, and tried to leave again, Timmy didn't want her to leave and cried up a storm. He finally quieted once I said we could go outside(works like magic). So despite the clouds and cooler weather we went out for a walk to Target and got a few things(like playdough :). The rest of the morning, two of another couple's children were with us in the apartment and they all played playdough together till lunch time. After lunch, Timmy went with his mom for a nap, and I took a nap as well because I was really tired and was having some bad stomach pains(from the water maybe?). I actually ended up staying in bed until about 8:15 because it just made me feel nauseous to be up. Now I've had some toast and am feeling better. Hopefully I'll be feeling even better by tomorrow, because a group is going tomorrow night to the Times Square Church to see the drama, The Cross and The Switchblade!!! :)


  1. That's no fun. =P Coolness about the drama! Have you seen the movie?

  2. No I hadn't. Have you? Dad rented it from the library not too long ago, but we didn't have time to watch it plus it looked..ameture.