Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rebel: redefined.

     What is a rebel? A rebel is someone who goes against the flow. Someone who purposefully does what everyone else in NOT doing.  Someone who does not follow the culture and it’s trends. If you dress unlike your culture on purpose, you are a rebel. If you do not engage in the usual social activities of your culture, you are a rebel. If you do not follow the same moral code as your culture, you are a rebel.
     In the past, it was rebellious to disobey parents. It was rebellious to have premarital sex. It was rebellious to dress immodestly.  It was rebellious to not attend church.  The culture was against all these things and those who did them were rebels. They were the minority.
     Today, what is the cultural trend? What is common and accepted? Disobedience, promiscuity, drunkenness, immorality, immodesty, dishonesty and general unruliness are all prevalent. That is now the culture. We cannot stay stuck in the past and say that the people who do these things are rebels. Rebels are people who go against the flow. How are these people going against the flow? They’re not! They are the flow! They are now the majority.
     So who am I? I, who do not drink, smoke, dress immodestly, engage in premarital sex, and attend church, Bible study and prayer meeting regularly. I, who obey my parents and the laws of the land. Am I not a rebel? By doing these am I not rebelling against the status quo? Now, I’m the one who is going against the flow!
     Jesus was a rebel. In a society that cried out for someone to violently remove the Roman rule, He taught peace and love.  In a culture where social classes were highly important, what did he do? He touched the untouchables.  

     I am a rebel. What are you?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Encourage One Another{And Build your Children Up}

      I believe that starting a piece like this is always the hardest part. I mean, I know what I'm thinking, but it's difficult to put that into a paragraph and not come across like I think I know everything. This is just going to be a reminder of the huge impact your words have on the life of your child(whether they are 3 or 30). Are you using your words to build your kid(s) up?
     The first thing I'd like to talk about it is the tendency that parents(and people in general actually) have to notice and comment when their child has done wrong, but, when their child does something right, they may notice, but aren't as quick to comment. Are the only "talks" that you have with your child about things they've done wrong? Some way that they've tripped up? Or, do you have a lot of "talks" about the things they're doing right, with only a few disciplinary talks here and there?
     The best way to get your child(and again this really applies to people in general) to improve in an area is to notice, and voice your appreciation when they do. If you see a strength your child has, encourage that in him. For example, if you have a child who likes to give, notice when he does, and voice it to him. How hard would it be, and how much time would it take to sit him down and say something like, "Bobby, I noticed that today that you gave almost all of your candy that Grandma gave you away to your sisters just to be nice, and I just wanted to let you know how proud of you I am for that. The Bible says that God loves a cheerful giver, and so when I see you willingly give things that you love away, it makes my heart very happy!" That may not be a very good example, but hopefully you get the idea. That will make him want to keep giving!
     If you balance the talks with Bobby about his weaknesses(say, a bad temper) out with talks about his strengths, he'll be a lot more receptive when he's done something wrong. Because the problem is this: when Bobby is young, if the only time you sit Bobby down for a talk is when he has done something wrong, by the time he's a teen, he's going to have an association made in his subconscious brain: talk with mom/dad=negative feelings/failure to do what's right. Do you want your child to have that association?
     The second thing I'd like to make you think about(don't laugh.) is playing the mature card and/or the "how old are you?!" card. First and foremost let me say this: I know it works. I know these cards work. Even I myself have used them. I mean, these work on anyone and everyone....not just your kids! But this is the thing: it is always used as an insult, to get the person to stop what they're doing. And insults are wrong. End of discussion. There is no excuse to use an insult. Ever.
     So perhaps I should explain what exactly I mean by "the mature card" first. The mature card, is one that is most often used on someone whom you know is trying to be mature, or who thinks they're mature. And it's often used in a situation where, the person it's used on is most likely not acting mature. Saying things like, "Bobby, your temper is just uncontrollable! If you want to be mature then you had better rein that in!" or "Well that was mature!" or "If you want to be mature, you should do [whatever it is you're trying to get them to do]!" will not accomplish anything at all. You may as well say to them, "You're failing at the one thing that you're striving so hard to be!" Out of the moment of the instance in which said person is being immature(did you get all that?), it may be appropriate to approach them and say,  "Bobby, I know you're trying hard to be mature. And there are so many things that you do, that show that maturity is growing in you. For example: (insert list of ways Bobby is being mature.) But something I think that you could work on is your temper and the way you just let it blow up at times." And then talk about that and find a resolution.
     The "how old are you?!" card is another insulting card(even when it's used in jest). Yes, it works(sometimes...other times it has the opposite effect but is pretty much guaranteed to hurt whoever it is used on) because it gets their attention. This one is pretty common. Bobby lets his temper fly, and so you say, "Bobby, how old are you?! Five?!" You might as well say, "Bobby, you're losing your temper again, and that makes you a failure in my eyes." True, Bobby may not be acting correctly, and most likely has insulted or angered you, but that still does not give you an excuse to insult(whether Bobby is your son, friend, or husband). Also, this is often used in front of other people. So then not only are you insulting them, you're humiliating them as well.
     I think it comes down to this: whatever it is that they're doing, wait until the moment has passed. Then talk with them. Do not talk down to them. Talk to them like they are as mature as they want to be. If you must say something in the moment, try and find a creative way of saying something, instead of using an insult to get them to comply. It's not easy. But try. Just try and see what happens.
     I really have no idea if what I've said has made any sense at all. Please, don't be afraid to correct me if I'm wrong. But if I'm right, don't let it just go in one ear and the other. That's all folks.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

time for a rant{after a summer of silence}

And how do they know? How do they know we're Christians?
Do they know it by how we look?
By the clothes that we wear?
Or do they know it by our love?
And the way that we care?
What love?
The love for our sisters and brothers?
But what about everyone else?
What about all the "others"?
What about the wife beater?
And the husband cheater?
What about the unmarried girl, pregnant and alone?
Who are we to judge?
Can we pick up the first stone?
They're all broken people!
But are we to good for them to come under our steeple?
Love is not telling them that what they're doing is okay.
Don't get me wrong, that's not what I'm trying to say.
Hate the sin, but love the sinner!
Show them Jesus and teach them to live better!
But you know what? Too often we get so focused on loving the "others"
That somehow, we forget about loving our brothers.
These people who are broken, are watching us to see
How I treat you and how you treat me.
How can we say that we love those people out there,
When we don't take time to show the struggling one among us that we love, that we care?
Why do we get worked up about such petty little things?
When we do that, are we truly fixed on Jesus and the hope that He brings?
And why do we let differences in our relationships get in the way?
Does it really matter, since Jesus could come any day?
Someone please tell me why we say such hurtful things!
Why are we so insensitive to the pain that our words can bring?
Love, love, love. We fail at it so often.
Yet maybe there's still time for Christ to cause our hearts to soften.
Our heart's cry should be that His love will flow in us and through us,
So that when people see our love, they'll know we've been with Jesus.
John 13:35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

Friday, May 10, 2013

This I Will Miss

hanging out and singing late at night

Womens worship on Thursday mornings

Jasmyne and Brackston

Meals with lots of people in a small space

Small, but alive basement churches

Riding the subway

Halal food stands

Starbucks within walking distance
extremely overpriced everything(this I won't miss)

And most of all.....these two precious little angels who stole my heart.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How Time Flies

Well, here I am. Two days into the last week already. It feels like it's been forever since I left home and yet it feels like it hasn't been that long. On one hand, I'm ready to go home. On the other, I'll really miss being here. C'est la vie.
Last Wednesday & Friday we walked about 30 minutes to Flushing Meadows Park. It is a pretty large park---it has a small zoo, the Terrace on the Park banquet hall, lots of walking paths, the Mets' stadium, and much more. If I lived here all the time, I would constantly be going there. It was fantastic to be able to get some sun and to sit in grass and make dandelion chains. When we went on Friday, we visited the little zoo...not sure if that was a hit or not---he was terrified of the sea lions, and some of the animals were hard to see. Here are a few pics from that.


The bear was a big hit. In fact, when it was time to leave, he didn't want to go--just wanted to sit and watch the bear. He kept repeating one of his new favorite sayings, "Oh whoa!" and even asked if he could touch it. :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Tour of My {temporary}Home

The past several days have been simply glorious---spring finally came!! We've spent most of our mornings outside this week walking and playing at parks and we might even get to go to the zoo later this morning. My skin is just loving all the sunshine it's recieving!
I forgot that I was going to post a picture of that bowl's price tag...so here it is. :)

I've also beening meaning to take a video tour of where I live and finally did it today. Enjoy!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Photos From Last Week

More photos from last week. Enjoy!
Times Square in the daytime

 A display from the American Girl Place
 The Apple store
A Painter in Central Park

self-explanatory. :)

A compass/sundial thing in front of the Hall of Science

A display from a store that had lots of vintage(not nessesarily antique) things....the price tags were astonishing...it.was.insane.

For example: See the wooden bowl in the very front? I don't know what kind of wood it was, but it felt pretty light. The design was something that could've been made quite easily. There was nothing extra-ordinary about it. Wanna guess how much it cost? I'll post a picture tomorrow of the price tag. :)


A fountain in Central Park

Jay getting a cartoon drawn of himself in Central Park

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Long Time No Post

So...looks like I haven't posted in a whole week...it wasn't that there wasn't time...there just wasn't much to talk about. Timmy spent the whole week with his grandparents in PA so in the mornings I was able to sleep a little later and sit in on some classes(on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) as well. In the afternoons I just did what I usually do...help as needed. Thursday morning the head cook(Ruby) and one of the assitant cooks(Linda) wanted to go grocery shopping so I made lunch and baked cookies all morning(which was really easy to do because it was Poverty Day and all they were allowed to eat was rice...for lunch we could mix onions, garlic, green peppers, and some celery into it but that was it). On Friday Jay Z and Elycia Yoder flew in midmorning. We spent that afternoon on Times Square and walked on 5th Ave. for awhile as well. Saturday, we slept in then went to the New York Hall of Science and walked south on 5th Ave down to Washington Square where we took a long and much needed rest and were even able to watch some street performers. That night we rode the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island and back(which was a fail both Sat. night and Sun night cause the only ferry they were running was one without a deck and so you couldn't see the amazing skyline like usual). Sunday we went to Life in Christ for church then went to Henry and Deb Blanks for lunch. In the afternoon we walked through Central Park for awhile and then went to Staten Island again(which, as was previously stated, was another fail). And now I'm sitting on a soft couch relishing the feeling of having my feet propped up.
These are just a few of the pictures...I'll post more later.
 An AMAZING chicken gyro from a Halal stand
On poverty day, instead of outreach the trainees had an activity called poverty simulation. They were all divided into "families" of four or so and for a living had to make paper bags with paper and a flour-water glue. They would sell them to the shop keepers and try to make enough to pay that week's rent. If they couldn't make the payment to the Slum Landlord, they would be sent to Mr. Deep-in-debt and would borrow money from him in hopes that they could pay both him and the slum lord by the next week. If they couldn't make the payment, then they would have to go live under the bridge which is next to impossible to get out of. The whole setup was made to fit a real slum as much as possible. Though everyone had fun, it was humbling to think how many people actually live like this. How many people can't just clean up the mess an hour later and walk away like we did.

 Wall of m &m's in Times Square

Wall of legos in the lego store at the Rockefellar Center

Sunday, April 21, 2013

St. Patricks Cathedral

Yesterday afternoon one of the other nannies and I went and visited St. Patricks Cathedral(which was under renovations and will be for the next several years). Here are the pictures from our little excursion.

 Inside the subway station
 Coming out of the subway station into Manhattan

 The picture above is from another smaller cathedral that we stopped at on the way

 This picture is for my Dad cause he always thinks it's funny how in Pollyanna the Preacher has to walk way up the stairs to preach. This isn't quite as high up, but still. :)

 A whole store full of Lindt chocolate ;)

Crystal standing in front of the doors of another cathedral we walked past.