Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 2

 First day with Mike and Lia at class with me watching Timmy went well. We played, and played, and played some more. It's amazing how you can entertain a 23 month old with 4 clothespins for an nearly an hour. And too how he never seems to tire of, "Where's Zac?" *he runs off and gets Zac the duck from where put him* "Here's Zac!!" *he runs off and puts him back* Repeat. Over. And. Over. Again. Which worked fine cause I could wash dishes while he did that. He already knows my name quite well and when he had to leave with his mom and dad after supper, he cried cause he didn't want to leave. I guess that's a good sign right?
What is The Wind(don't ask. jk. you can if you want but I might not answer ;) for if not to force you to look at the camera?

 This is a bad picture but what other face was I supposed to make?

 Playing on the balcony today was wonderful with the warm weather. L-R seated at the rail are Zac, Bob, KatyBug, Sally, Sunny, and Bo in his dog carrier. :)
 Timmy and Vanessa Blank looking at the pigeons on the roof next to us.


  1. Glad to see you made it! Thanks for all the photos--keep up the good blogging! Your little guy looks so sweet; something tells me you're gonna' get pretty attached!! Glad you got his little friends' names all figured out--that's pretty important! As far as that face you were making standing next to your mom--I can see she's havin' the same question--it's either force a big smile or break down and ball.... (By the way, this will likely be harder on her than on you.)

  2. Aww he's a cutie! See, I knew you were gonna do great with him. =) oh yeah, and crying because he doesn't want to leave you the FIRST day is definitely a good sign!

  3. Yeah, I agree--better than him crying when you walk in the room--I think I've had children do that! (Well, it meant Mommy was leaving, not that I was so terrible! Right?) Love the pics--keep 'em coming!