Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week 2 {coming to an end}

I had a really good day yesterday. :) In the morning, Timmy cried for maybe 5 minutes when his parents left(the shortest time yet). Then we played playdough together until Alana(one of the other nannies) brought her two little kids to go to the park with us. The weather was originally supposed to be cold and rainy but the sun came out and got warm enough for us to take our jackets off so that was nice. We played there most of the morning then headed back to the apartment for lunch. That afternoon, I did some shopping for crafts for Kid's Club that evening. The Life in Christ church puts on a Kid's club every couple of weeks so we all helped with it that night. Some helped with games, some with the crafts, and some with the skit for their Bible story. After Kid's club, all the younger singles(there's 9 of us) went out to eat at a really nice(and REALLY expensive!! the prices were way higher than at home) Applebees, which was lots of fun. This morning I've just relaxed and ran some errands and this afternoon and evening I plan to do some sightseeing with some of the others. :)

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