Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Preparing For Take-off

So. For those of you who don't already know,(which should be like nobody considering how the rumor mill works these days) I am going to New.York.City. from April 9-May 10 to be a nanny and a cook when needed at the DestiNations International(BMA's missions orrganization) Missions Training Center. On one hand, returning to NYC sounds really exciting, tons of fun, and a major growing expierience. On the other, this is big. Like very big. And leaving my peaceful, drive-40-minutes-to-get-to-walmart Missouri is definitely outside of my comfort zone. And my friends!! How will I leave all of my awesome friends??!!! My best friend in particular. How will I survive??! Skype, that's how. And lots of phone calls and letters. Haha I know, I know, I could be going to a foreign country, or this could be happening twenty years ago. But still, I will miss them. And their brain scarring jokes and comments(don't ask.). So anyways, if you think about me, just send up a quick prayer that I can make some cool new friends, that I can grow in Christ, and that I can be a blessing to those I'm going to serve. And too that the next few days can be low-stress. I'll try to post on here as often as possible to keep you all updated. :)

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  1. It'll be hard. But it'll be great. I promise. Fly away sista. =) Tya