Monday, December 1, 2014

Those Big Little Fears

Honestly, some days I wonder if I'm not related to a mouse. Fear keeps me tucked away in my hole in the wall. There's not very likely going to be a cat out there. But there could be, right? So here I stay. Meanwhile, everyone else in the world seems to be having a grand time. Or maybe that's just the lie of social media--everyone just LOOKS like they're having a good time. But back to me. I'm not saying that the reason I often am at home is because I'm afraid. That's just because I love my home. These thoughts originated from a movie I watched today in which the main character made a vow to say, "Yes!" to everything (not the greatest movie, however). But I guess that made me think for a moment. How many things am I saying, 'no' to simply because I'm afraid? Could it be possible that I am closing doors that Christ has opened because I do not trust him to take care of me? And how much am I missing out on by just being passive? By neither saying, "yes" or "no" and just not doing anything? Will I live my life to the fullest that Christ would have me to do? Yes. Yes, I will. 

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