Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Who am I?

I'm pretty sure that's one of the most commonly asked questions, especially of people my age--Who am I? This year, I have discovered more abut myself than ever before. I've learned that I don't stick with stuff. As is clearly evident in this blog. And my YouTube channel. Yep, that was just a complete and utterly embarrassing fail. Really, like who do I think I am? But, I'm going to try once more at this. For my sake. Not because I think the world needs to hear me. Not because I want to be popular (well, not completely anyways). Because I want to write. Because I can. No matter how many views or followers I have. Want to take bets on how long this will last? 
     So, back to that one question. Who am I? I'm a foodie. I love to make food, and like to eat it. Baking is my speciality. I'm a photographer. I'm new to it and not very good. But then, who is when they start out? 
    Well folks, now I feel like the biggest cliche in history. A foodie photographer writer. That's something you see every day. Pinterest is my best app (I would say friend, but then that would just add 'no social life' to this perfect cliche called my life). So yeah, sometimes I feel a little lost in the world. I'm not unique. Not in my eyes anyways. Due to living in the country in addition to being an introvert, my social circle is smaller than a loop around the main isles of Walmart. It doesn't help that I resist the party mentality like a mule resists a bath. Soo yeah, that's me!
    So just where is Jesus in all of this creative mess of mine? I am really struggling with this one. How do I do all of this stuff for His Glory rather than my own glory? How to I seek His approval rather than the approval of people? I'm working on learning the answer to those questions. But, like most other things, it's a process. 

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